Introducing Reiki AND Reflexology!!


Reiki and Reflexology

In one 60-minute session!


Come and experience the healing power of these two ancient forms of integrated energy medicine! By combining Reiki and Reflexology you will receive the  benefits of physical, mental, emotional and  spiritual clearing with the flow of high vibrational healing energy.


Master Healers:


Vickie Martina

Reiki Master of Violet Light Reiki


Andi Bartholomew

Certified Reflexologist of Sole Therapy


Invite you to try their combined Reiki & Reflexology session for an introductory rate of $90 (regular price $120)!

What Clients Are Saying: 
"She has truly been a major influence in my life"

"I have had many Reiki sessions from Vickie for a variety of different reasons over the last few years. Her sessions are by far the most powerful and effective, yet gentle and soothing that I have ever experienced. She has truly been a major influence in my life and has facilitated my healing on many different levels. Her intuitive guidance is right on for me and the way she combines the crystals, stones, and essential oils makes the experience truly unique. Each session is custom designed to address the particular needs of her client in that moment, on that day. I am so grateful to Vickie for the help that she has given me and I consider her to be one of the great blessings in my life. I highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking help with physical conditions, emotional issues, or just those who are yearning for a quiet, relaxing time to rest and rejuvenate." 

Lynn Roberts  

From the Desk of Vickie: