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Young Living Essential Oil Collection

Vickie is a Young Living Distributor and offers free Oil Shares to learn how the powerful medicine of essential oils can support your daily living. The powerful plant medicine in essential oils offers physical, emotional, and spiritual support to our whole being on the journey of life. Essential oils are the life force of plants and can be used topically, aromatically, and internally. It takes 20 minutes for an essential to reach every cell in your body when you apply them! Oils used aromatically can be used in a cold water diffuser with 4-6 drops into the water and diffused for 1-4 hours. Topically, place a drop of oil onto your hand and rub the essential oil on the back of the neck, bottom of the feet, wrists and anywhere else you need. Internally, only use oils that are labeled specifically for consumption from the Young Living Vitality Line. Call Vickie at 970-578-0158 to order products or to learn more about becoming a Young Living distributor.