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 I am  excited to announce my partnership with Jacqueline Maldonado creating Triple Goddess Healing Arts! Together, we offer classes in Essential Oils, Spiritual Readings with Inspired Guidance, and Goddess Moon Circles!

The return of the Divine Feminine is here! When women sit together in a Sacred SisterhoodCircle with intention to support each other, humanity, and the planet magic happens!  Jacqueline and I offer monthly gatherings  with the cycles of the moon. Which Goddess are you aligned with? Who is supporting you on your life journey? We will present Ancient Goddess Archetypes, teachings and  rituals to honor the Divine Feminine and all aspects of the Goddesses!  Classes  and Goddess Circles  will be posted on the Triple Goddess Healing Arts  webpage and our Facebook page. 

Many Blessings,


Upcoming Events

1/18 ~Rock Stars! Crystal Workshop - 6:30 PM  $20

1/25~ My Goddess Myself!  Goddess Readings  6:30 PM  $35 (bring a friend $5 discount)

1/31~Full Moon Goddess Circle @ 6:30PM $20

2/8~ Archetype Readings: Spiritual Guides @ 6:30PM $35 (bring a friend $5 discount)

2/9~Drum Circle Shamanic Journey @ 6:30PM $20 (bring a Yoga mat)

2/14~ Love Readings for Couples @ 7:00PM $50 Couple

2/15 ~ New Moon Goddess [email protected] 6:30 PM $20

3/1~ Full Moon Goddess [email protected]:30PM $20

3/8~Akashic Record Readings @ 6:30PM $35 (bring a friend $5 discount)

All events are held at my office ~ 135B W Swallow Road, Fort Collins

Space is limited so RSVP is required!



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